Campaign Management

It involves the planning, tracking, execution, and analysis of marketing initiatives along with multiple pushes through social media, surveys, etc. Sometimes it centered on new latest products, events after launching.
Customer Segmentation

It is a process that divides customers into certain groups that are based on the company’s characteristics.

AB Testing

AB testing is a method that compares versions of a webpage and determines the best one.

CRM Campaign Tracking

It tracks a variety of information about mailing, events, emailing, and marketing initiatives.

Why choose us?

We concentrate on marketing efforts, consistent marketing messages, and focus on a singular marketing message to spread on several channels to achieve any specific business goals.

What We Offer

A business might have the campaign to promote its product but we offer regular promotions with 20% off deals. Our team has a strong understanding to develop strategies that help us to meet maximum business goals, creates marketing collaterals for different channels. And distribute marketing collateral, track results, and analyze it to optimize the strategy.
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    Planning/ Analysis

    We set clear goals, budget, and map out the marketing campaign workflows to create new unique planning. After that, we analyze the whole planning and remove unnecessary elements.

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    We focus on the content, do SEO, build email listing, track and monitor the whole campaign process to execute a successful campaign with a lot of hard work.

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    Campaign Tools

    Map out our project plan, timeline, capture relevant creative brief details, action it with faster forms, prevent copying someone else work by tracking campaign tasks, hit reviews, approvals, and headlines that save time, etc.

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    Goal Tracking

    Our core tracking goal is setting goals, research marketers, document our strategies, proactively plan project as well as the campaign as per business requirements.

Do You Have Questions?

Some of the most frequent asked questions and answers about Campaign Management are listed below

1.What do we practice for creating content?

Unfortunately, we do not have any magic recipe to create highly engaging content but we do work on making quality content and some tricks to make it converting content.

2.What are Campaign Management best practices?

Our experts spend a lot of their time testing each best practice that helps us to surpass the KPIs and business goals.

3.Can we change the campaign setting?

Digitalopment provides complete customizable campaigns, update existing campaigns, and run basic setting features to optimize the campaign in time.

4.Can we add content to the existing campaign?

Add content to an existing campaign that is the same regardless, creating a new campaign content or simply adding more content all option is available.

5.Can we schedule a campaign?

Yes, when you create a new campaign, you can decide the schedule. Choose the best suitable strategy for your campaign, it can be basic scheduling or advanced scheduling.

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