E-commerce Operations

Electronic commerce deals with buying and selling products, services, transmit funds & data through electronic networks. It contains transactions such as business-to-business (B2B), business-to-consumer (B2C), Consumer-to-consumer (C2C) or Consumer-to-business (C2B). All these transactions are E-Commerce operations.

What can we do for you and your company?

We look after shipping, multi-warehouse, payment methods, inventory management, accounting, catalog & content, taxes, integrations, etc.

Product Management

Product management functions all the dealing related to the product of the company such as planning, development, forecasting, verification, justification, pricing, and launching.

Campaign Management

Campaign management contains planning, tracking, execution, and analysis of different marketing initiatives that help in launching a new product.

E-Commerce Trading

E-Commerce trading is a term that indicates the process of trading through online platforms with the electronic system.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction determines and measures the happiness of the business customers along with services, product, and their capabilities.

Order Management

Order management includes processes, the cycle of people, and suppliers to establish a positive customer experience.

Inventory Control Management

Inventory control management is a method that regulates the inventory in the warehouse, activities like forecasting and replenishing.

Our Process

E-Commerce processes establish secure and trusted accessibility between two parties which help businesses to do transactions by authorizing access, authenticating, and enforcing security features. The process requires access control and security, profiling, personalizing, search management, content management, catalog management, payment, workflow management, event notification, collaboration, and trading.
  • 1

    Receive Order

    It provides a reconciling invoice for suppliers with inventory items. We use this to maintain the record, delivery note, and even finalize the expenses.

  • 2

    Prepare Package/items

    Wrapping items, preparing packages surround with bubble sheeting, a recyclable material, or foam loose-fill while ensuring to not touch the shipping box directly and seal the package.

  • 3

    Delivery Items

    From shipping to customer purchase, secure delivery we allow a chain of events with many opportunities. Our delivery strategies are based to build loyal customers.

  • 4

    After Sales-Support

    After-sales support helps companies to gather information about a particular product after they have bought it such as offering after-sales service to a car-buyer to build a long-term customer.

Do You Have Questions?

While making a move towards E-Commerce operation, you may have some concerns. Let’s figure it out

1.Why it is important to own an E-Commerce site?

Customers prefer online shopping because it is an extremely easy process. Therefore, businesses are capturing online marketplace and keep attracting their customer through sending regular updates.

2.How can I use the best platform for my E-Commerce website?

Considering payment gateways, designing options, integration with tools, the security of the site, pricing, and features determines the quality of the E-Commerce platform.

3.How can I promote my E-Commerce site?

There are several ways to promote the website but the main element lies in the website address. It should be presentable, easy to advertise an optimizing it is necessary.

4.What are the important elements of buyers?

Creating terms and conditions, contact details, return policies, encryption methods, and other information options offers a professional look which buyers are looking for.

5.What risks are involved in the E-Commerce website?

A business owner should develop a secure site to avoid the risk of losing confidential data, data transactions, and encryption methods.

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Every business needs E-Commerce operations along with a section of the online store to build an online presence in the industry.