E-commerce Trading

E-Commerce is an electronic way to market the products and services to other companies and consumers, regardless of the distance between buyers and sellers.

The largest company that retails good and provides cloud storage.

Ali Baba

A wholesale market that provides goods in bulk to suppliers.


It is an online auction company that sells the products.

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E-Commerce Online Trading

E-Commerce is a modern source of trading online. It covers all the online services, including online buying and selling goods and services, online transactions, data collection, digital marketing, and other online businesses. It spreads commercial transactions for four different types of businesses; Business to Business (B2B), Business to Customer (B2C), Customer to Customer (C2C), and Customer to Business (C2B).
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    Marketing and Product promotion

    To promote your products and services, we use promotional tools and methods to effectively market your products and increase the rate of your customers and clients.

  • 2

    Sales channel/path

    To promote and sell your products and services, we utilize different sales channels and resources to reach a bulk of customers and clients to increase your business.

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    Customer service approach

    We not only aid your business but also take care of your customers by giving them excellent quality services. We love to reach the heart of customers.

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    Ordering System

    To our valued customers and clients, we provide a proper ordering system taking care of the quality, quantity, and safety of the goods they place an order.

Do You Have Questions?

Given FAQs can help you in further questions regarding the service of e-commerce trading and criteria.

1.What should I do to get customers if I am a new business?

As a new business, you must own a website to promote it through different channels to let the customers know your business.

2.How does the data collected through the internet help my business?

Internet data collection helps to improve the behavior of your website, get data to reach more customers, for research purpose, and others.

3. What are the ways of payments through a credit card?

They include filling credit card details on the e-Commerce site, using the bank-approved application, or using a company’s service on your behalf.

4.How a credit card benefits me?

A credit card saves you from fraud as you can dispute with the deceivers, and your card issuer withholds the money.

5. What are some ways to promote products on the internet?

Different direct and indirect channels give you a huge platform to promote products such as banners, social media, emails, pop-up notifications, etc.

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