Inventory control management

In our inventory control management, we regulate the inventory which is in hand or warehouse. This activity also helps us in forecasting and replenishing inventory.

It is a practice that works for selecting and locating businesses or even individuals.

Supply Chain Planning

This process manages coordinating assets to optimize the delivery items.


It measures the overall performance of the business product or services.

Why choose us?

Our Inventory control management or stock control service regulates a business warehouse, maximizes them, and includes several deals with different aspects of inventory optimization.

What We Offer:

We offer barcode scanner integration, the product retails, reorder reports, adjustments, location, histories, comprehensive inventory lists, counts, variants, kitting, bundles, syncing stock with the hand of sales order, and purchase orders. However, the main goal of our inventory control is to procedures the maximum profits in minimum investment but without impacting the level of customer satisfaction.
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    Quality control

    It is a set of procedures that control manufactured products or performed services and define a set of quality that meets certain criteria of the clients or customers.

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    Organizational control

    It refers to the process which is performed by agents to maintain, establish, and control the organization. It includes strategic planning processes, methods, and other objectives.

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    Reorder Point Formula

    The reorder point formula provides unit sales through delivery lead time along with the estimated quantity of products, material and also ensures the safety measure.

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    Economic order quantity (EOQ)

    Economic order quantity is the units that add into inventory with every single order and minimize the cost of total inventory like holding cost, shortage cost, and order costs.

Do You Have Questions?

Some of the most frequently asked question FAQs about Inventory Control Management and related to this topic are as follows:

1.What happens to damaged inventory?

We place the entire quarantined and damaged inventory separately, remove fulfilled and damaged items from the warehouse. For doing this, you have to send us a removal order by emailing us.

2.How can I retrieve my product back from the warehouse?

Once the removal order is approved, we pick up the damaged inventory or slow-moving products and change the status as well.

3.Do you offer minimum storage space to pay for every month?

You have to pay only for the space you use. We provide a snapshot of the product present in warehouse storage and maintain billing on monthly average space.

4.Do we provide stock alerting?

Yes, we create an alert level of product creation. Our team will notify you by sending an email whenever the stock hits the value.

5.How do I pack the product for shipments?

Every product should be packed in sure a way that customers should think it is coming from a factory-state. Every unit is packed separately along with a label on it.

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To avoid spoilage and obsolescence, inventory forecasting must be used to store your inventory and maintain the level that matches customer's demand.