Order management

Order management starts after the customer booked orders and finishes when they receive that order or service. It also allows companies to coordinate throughout the process.

It represents a major retailer, local store, an E-Commerce store.

Shopping Cart

It adds a secure shopping cart into your online E-Commerce store.


It manages the collection, warehouse, shops, manufacturers, tooling inventory, etc.

Why choose us?

We establish a fast-moving, accurate, and cost-effective order management cycle for B2C and B2B companies. It enables businesses to use a responsive and integrated order management system (OMS).

What We Offer

We offer key challenges for businesses such as human error, inventory visibility, process backlogs, poor communication, and transportation errors. These challenges negate customer complete satisfaction along with the ultimate impact of loyalty. Our order management service involves stakeholders and interconnected touchpoints that enable customers to place the right order, at the right price and time.
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    Placing of Order

    To place an order, you just need to select a product, color & size, then add it into your shopping cart, select the quantity, and press enter.

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    Order Entry

    This process records all the orders of the company into an entry system and allows them to record information about the customer and the ordered product.

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    Order Fulfillment

    It involves the entire steps that are related to order fulfillment such as receiving, processing, picking the parcel, packing it, and delivering the orders to the customers.

  • 4

    Delivering of Order

    Proper name, address of the shop or company is mention on the recipient. It provides an invoice that contains the date of order, delivery details, and shipment information.

Do You Have Questions?

For your convenience, we have listed the top 5 frequently asked a question about order management:

1.Why do retailers need order management services?

Digitalopment enabled a high-quality, consistent customer experience, conquering various internal management challenges occurs while order fulfillment or inventory control.

2.Who services does an order management offer?

We provide several tools that help many departments in retail operations. It includes the merchandising team, products, warehouse managers, accounting, customer services, purchasing, and other operations.

3.Do we replace the needs of the ERP system?

Yes, if a business is already using an ERP system we can easily integrate and define which function can manage which system.

4.Can we manage inventory across multiple channels?

Yes, Digitalopment allows routing logic that controls every individual item along with orders and works with distributed order management (DOM)

5.What is the POS system?

If the business POS system contains an open API, we can integrate with it because we have a relationship with Shopify, Starmount, BigCommerce, and Lightspeed.

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A dedicated order Management system presents a view of the lifecycle of orders across the entire channel. It provides extra time for the business owner to focus on business growth.