Digitalization of Accounting and Finance!

VGC offers digitalization and file management to establish accountability and encourage wise behavior in the creation, valuation, use, storage, deletion and archiving digital information.

Financial Planning and Consulting

VGC initiates several ventures, critical and measurable goals. We build a structure for businesses with expertise to identify and attain those goals.
Cloud Accounting

It includes recovery of data, accounting data backup, allows hosting remote serves. All functions are operated off-site.

RPA Software

It includes automotive solutions for organizations based on previous cost and time without underlying or interrupting the system.

Bespoke Business Software & Mobile Apps

It includes Stock control, Customer portals, CRM, ERP, operational database, reports, and self-services data, and dashboards.


Access your account, manage your business, and stay organized anytime, anywhere on your computer, mobile or tablet.

VGC offers setup of cloud accounting on QuickBooks Online or migration from other accounting software. Few benefits of QuickBooks are;


Create custom, professional invoices, sales receipts and estimates that you can send in minutes.

Online Banking

With the QuickBooks Online banking integration feature your statements and transactions will automatically update.

Accounting Reports

Instantly see how your business is performing with customizable reports and dashboards.

Cash Flow Management

Enter bills from vendors, and pay them only when they are due. Schedule recurring payments to save time.

Time Tracking

Clock employee time and billable hours. Track billable hours by client or employee and automatically add them to invoices.

Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are included with your subscription to QuickBooks Online so you can access information from your tablet or smartphone.1

Multiple Users

Control your books with robust roles & permissions. Invite your accountant to access your books for seamless collaboration.

Free unlimited support

If you need help, support is available with answers to your questions and information on running your business.


With the world becoming ever more competitive, there is a need to streamline your business operations and amplify your productivity.

With the world becoming ever more competitive, there is a need to streamline your business operations and amplify your productivity. With the smart use of technology, you can automate your routine processes and focus on higher-value tasks without making any significant changes to your current IT infrastructure and existing interfaces.

And that is all possible with Robotic Process Automation or RPA!

VGC helps you transform tedious repetitive tasks to RPA bots (software), improve efficiency, and gain competitive advantage.



  • Task Automation: is the use of software to reduce the manual handling of simple tasks or a series of more complex tasks with the goal of making processes more efficient and employees more productive.
  • Power BI: is a business analytics solution that lets you visualize your data and share insights across your organization, or embed them in your app or website.


Documents and Record Management

Documents and Record Management

Documents and Record Management

Documents and Record Management

Documents and Record Management


While the innovative technology can assist you no matter what industry you belong to, it is an undeniable need for organizations in the following sectors:







Transportations & Logistics

Regardless of your niche, you should opt for RPA if;

  • Your operations involve many repetitive, rules-based processes that need to be automated.
  • You need to reduce costs and enhance efficiency.
  • You require round-the-clock functionality.



RPA offers many benefits, most important ones are;

Increase Employee Efficiency and Productivity

24*7 transaction processing capability through Bots

60% Reduction in Turnaround Time

Non-Instructive Automation

No Costly System Integrations

Quick Deployment

Reduced Labor Costs

Scalable, Customizable Solution

Increased Accuracy


Your unique business processes need the support of custom-tailored software that drives productivity and enhances your operations.

In the digital age, the smart use of technology to redefine and revolutionize your internal processes, software, is the only way to go.

VGC can translate your ideas into robust software systems or revamps your existing systems to offer exciting new features in line with the latest industry trends.


Why you need fully customized software.

Customized software is a top choice for you, regardless of the niche you operate in, if:

  • Your existing system uses obsolete technology and needs an upgrade.
  • You need a centralized, enterprise-wide framework that keeps your employees connected.
  • You want to move on from age-old interfaces and enhance user experience through innovatively designed solutions.
  • You require unmatched analytics and reporting capabilities for corrective decision-making based on business-critical information.
  • So, do you think you need a personalized solution? Find out for sure!