Who Are We And How To Contact Us?

We are a full-service marketing agency owned and operated by Digitalopment.

You can contact us at [email protected].


Information You Provide

When you offer any personal information, you are committed to providing authentic and complete data. You need to keep on updating your information and you will keep your password confidential and will be accountable for all usage of your password and account. If you find anyone using your personal information, you need to immediately notify us at [email protected].


We Own Our Content

At our website, source code, databases, functionality, software, website designs, audio, video, text, photographs, and graphics are licensed content of Digitalopment. We protect our content through copyright and trademark laws. Users are prohibited from gaining unauthorized access to our Site and strict charges will be imposed if someone found guilty. We provide general information on our website and users are required to take action on specialist advice.


Website Management

Our website is solely managed and organizes by Digitalopment. We are responsible for taking necessary actions against the breach of our terms and conditions. Our website is running on a completely protected server and users are requested to use a virus-free operating system to avoid any problem.


Alteration And Availability

Digitalopment is responsible for making any alteration to the website. We have the authority to change, modify, and remove content from the site without notifying anyone at any time.


We Don’t Take Responsibility Of Other Websites

On our website, here you may find links to some other sites. They are made available just for your information and Digitalopment will not provide assistance related to third party problems.


How Can You Use Our Content?

We allow our users to use our content only for their personal and non-commercial use. It is highly prohibited to use our content without any license. You have given the authority to view data on a computer screen and anyone try to download our content in breach of these terms will be strictly charged.

Whether you are a customer or a commercial user

  • We do not reject or bound in any way our liability to you where it would be illegal to do so. This comprises liability for death or individual injury triggered by our carelessness or the negligence of our workers, agents, or subcontractors and for scam or fraudulent misrepresentation.


  • If we fail to conform with these Terms and Conditions, we will be accountable for loss or harm you suffer that is a likely result of our breach of these Terms and Conditions, but we would not be answerable for any loss or mutilation that were not predictable at the time you underway using the Site.


Our Agreement is With You

All the above-mentioned terms and conditions apply by Digitalopment to its users. You may not handover, allocate, or otherwise dispose of your privileges and obligations below these terms of use to another person or permissible entity. You must not bout the site via a denial-of-service attack or a distributed denial-of-service attack. By breaking this provision, you are obligating a criminal offense under the Computer Misuse Act 1990. We will report any such rupture to the relevant law enforcement authorities and we will collaborate with those authorities by revealing your identity to them. On the occasion of such a breach, your right to use the Website will end instantly.