Video Animation

Video animation is a creative art in which a video animator drafts, designs, and arranges the images to create animation. This art is very useful in marketing, advertisement, and other ways to convey a message to the viewers.

Our Expertise

We make videos interesting through various ways of video animation.

Logo Animation

It is an attractive way in modern marketing to market the product using logo animation.

Video Editing

Editing the images, colors, animation, and scenes make the video more stunning, catchy, and error-free.

Presentation & Explainer Videos

Presentation and Video Explainers are the strong resources of animation that attract the customers powerfully.

Whiteboard Animations

Whiteboard animation grasps the attention of viewers all the time with the artistic style of drawing.

2d & 3d Animation Videos

2D and 3D animations make the video and its characters more realistic and near to life

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics make complex messages simple to the viewers and make branding and marketing success.

Our Process

The process of creating video animation follows certain steps to form a meaningful video. Using Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, and Illustrator, we draft, design, set the tone and speed, and arrange the still images to one another that give the illusion of movement.
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    Before the creation of any video animation, our team gathers all the required information from the client and market regarding the advertisement of the brand and company.

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    All the gathered information helps us to draw sketches and create designs for the animation, and then we select the most appropriate sample to move forward.

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    The video creation is a long process where we need to set animation, transaction, and arrangement of each frame to turn the stillness into liveliness.

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    Using creative and artistic software, we finally execute the animation to check all the effects work perfectly. After testing it, we deliver the project to clients.

Do You Have Questions?

We know you might have questions regarding the service of video animation. Please go through the below questions.

1. How much does a project of video animation cost me?

The cost of the project varies with the length and complexity of the animation. Therefore, you need to discuss the project in detail.

2.What should be the best length of the video?

Research says that the best length of the video should be no more than 60 seconds because viewers lose interest in exceeding videos.

3. How many revisions do you offer in an animation?

For the satisfaction of our clients, we offer a few revisions in the projects of video animation with relatively applied additional charges.

4. Do you improve my given artwork for the animation?

Although we provide you with fully fresh content, you can also ask us to apply your provided content that you wish.

5. Will I be charged any hidden charges?

No, we don’t charge anything extra than the mentioned price in the contract. Additional charges apply when you go beyond the contract.

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